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Tours and Excursions

Sightseeing in Tropea for groups, families, minimum 4 person
Sicily Taormina Sightseeing, Siracusa Noto City / min.10 person guided tour 60eu / person
By car maximum for 3 person
Half day trip in Pizzo, castle Murat, and taste the famous ice-cream:  tartuffo. Pizza party. Also for groups. 15eur/person
Zungri cave-houses, museums, Vibo Valentia, Capo Vaticano, Ricadi guided tour 10eur/person
Boat trip to the Eolie islands, Lipari island, and visit an active volcano theStromboli
With the  Commerci Navigazio  around 45eur/person
Reggio Calabria national museum, Riace statues, and Scilla city
Visit the INFIORITE Blossom Festival in Potenzon City on a guided tour only in June.
Fishing and trekking


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