About Us

After  i was living in Budapest and Milan, finally i found, what i was always looking for… in here, in the amazing Tropea. A relaxing,  peaceful place, the mediterranean feeling, the crystal clear water, palm trees and the Stomboli volcano, what is so breathtaking in the sunset.
This is the real mediterranean lifestyle. Feels like the time stopped, and stands around you.  
This page will help you to find all what you need, for the dream holiday. Informations about hotels, excursions.
I am living here, and know a lot about this area, so would like to help you to find the best options.
Hotels, apartman-villages, transfer, air tickets, programs, wedding organisations, flat or boat renting/ buying.
I personally check the quality accommodations!
So our motto is: to waiting you in the paradise!

/Márai Sándor/


Calabria is laying between the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Ionian Sea.
We are exactly in the toe of the italian boot, few miles away from Sicily.
The coastline is 741 km golden sand. This coast called „Costa Degli Dei, means „the coast of the Gods”. The clear water looks like the Caribbean sea.
The small old towns usually built on mountains, hills. One of the most famous little city is Tropea. Whoever visits Calabria is must to see Tropea.  From up here you can see the amazing views to the big blue.
Calabria has a Mediterranean subtropical climate with long and hot summer, from May to the end of October. Even the winter is very warm, in December around 20 degrees.
mythical calabria
It is a corner of the World, with cosmic atmosphere. Ancient mystical stories of Gods, monsters, heros. Even the sunset behind the Stromboli vocano looks like Helios on the fire chariot, drives into the sea.
Km of beach
Connected facilities
Sunny days, even in October


Special Events

Make your big day memorable in Calabria. We organize official and unofficial weddings, with unique experience.
We are helping to choose  place, restaurant, dress, hair and make-up artist. Reserve the apartments for every guest.



About excursions, offers, informations about best beaches, restaurants, or if you need translator while you stay, call me.

Tours and Excursions
Sightseeing in Tropea for groups, families, minimum 4 person
Sicily Taormina Sightseeing, Siracusa Noto City / min.10 person guided tour 60eu / person by car maximum for 3 person.

Group travel

I recommend my activities to companies or event organizers in Hungary or on the mainland who want their working partners to continue their work in a remote country.

Within the region, or in a relaxed, active or passive relaxation environment.